Restoring leather


Are you taking over an old piece of furniture from someone? Or have you moved to a new home and do you want to carry out overdue maintenance? Then this page is for you!

LCK® Nederland processes countless photos of old and / or moderately maintained leather furniture items every day. We have a number of specific products to revive these old gems. Are you curious about what we advise you? Send a mail to: for personal advice.

Save the receipt!
We have already tested most (new & old) leather types from Piet Boon in our laboratory. This means that in addition to cleaners and lotions, we also have the original color codes. If you still have the original purchase receipt, it contains all the information you need for selecting your color. So save the receipt and store it carefully, who knows it will come in handy someday!

As soon as you know which leather and which color it is, you can order a Keralux® color repair set. You can do this easily by clicking on this link: Restoring color. Then make a selection from the menu on the right. Choose the type of leather and the color (code) and press order. Did you know that LCK® now has a physical database of more than 30,000 leather and fabric samples?

Old couch
Here a standard situation of an old couch. In the first image we see that the leather is discolored. The cause of this is almost always a form of overdue maintenance. The color pigments pull from the surface to the core of the leather due to the influences of sunlight, drought and lack of nutrients. The result of this is that the leather will show small cracks (also called: crackle or craquelé) and discolour.

Primarily two things must happen here:

  • intensive nutrition
  • restore color

By first feeding the leather intensively, the old color pigments will pull back from the core and head to the surface. This means that the color will intensify automatically and that new color pigments will be absorbed more evenly. The leather as shown in the second image was treated with the Keralux® leather balm a week before the color lotion. The balm has been specially developed for this type of situation and provides the leather with a concentrated amount of nutrients. By giving the leather a week to absorb the nutrients, new color pigments will be absorbed more easily, making the end result a lot more beautiful.

The what a beautiful end result! In total the leather was treated 2x with the leather balm followed by three layers of color lotion. 


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