On this page you will find the recommended maintenance products
per Piet Boon leather type. All maintenance products have been
extensively tested and are suitable for keeping your Piet Boon leather
urniture in top condition. Do you have any subsequent questions?
Please contact us. Check the contact page for more information.

  • Keralux® set A
    Keralux® set A

    Cleaning, care and protection for (full) aniline leather.

    The Keralux® set A is the perfect combination for maintaining the high quality aniline leather. The Keralux® soft cleaner removes dust and dirt particles thoroughly and…

    € 38,00
  • Keralux® set P
    Keralux® set P

    Cleaning, care and protection for pigmented smooth leather.

    Ideal for:

    ∙ semi-aniline leather (smooth leather with a thin layer of color pigments)
    ∙ pigmented leather (smooth leather with a coat of color pigments)

    € 32,50
  • Keralux® set S
    Keralux® set S

    Cleaning, care and protection for smooth leather with an oil and / or wax finish (Saddle).

    In order for leather to retain its attractiveness, its wonderful soft grip and its naturalness, it needs important nurturing and hydrating…

    € 33,50
  • Keralux® set Vi
    Keralux® set Vi

    Complete set for cleaning, care and protection of vintage leather types.

    Protect your vintage leather with the Keralux® Spray N with UV filter. This spray protects the leather against sunlight and preemptive fading. Also, by…

    € 63,00
  • Keralux® set N
    Keralux® set N

    Cleaning, care and protection for nubuck, suede and scoured leathers.

    The high-quality Keralux® set N is the perfect combination for nubuck, suede and sanded leather types: The Keralux® soft cleaner removes the dirt particles…

    € 79,00
  • Keralux® colour repair set
    Keralux® colour repair set

    Keralux® colour repair set - according to sample or colour number manufacturer

    Restoring your original colour! For freshening up leather and camouflaging small scratches, damage and stains.

    LCK® has a database that goes back…

    € 57,00
  • Keralux® strong protector
    Keralux® strong protector

    Protection against colour transfer (jeans) and premature soiling for pigmented leather.

    The Keralux® strong protector contains special ingredients that effectively and long-term protect your smooth leather seat against premature…

    € 35,00
  • Keralux® leather balm
    Keralux® leather balm

    Boosting the leather with nutrients.

    Keralux® leather balm is specially developed for aged, dehydrated or cracked leather. The balm nourishes the leather deep into the core with important nutrients and gives the leather a fresh…

    € 24,00
  • Keralux® spray N
    Keralux® spray N

    Protection against liquids, grease and premature fading of leather.

    The Keralux® spray N with UV-filter impregnates against penetration of liquids and grease and helps against premature fading of leather. The Keralux® spray N…

    € 26,00
  • Keralux® strong cleaner + sponge
    Keralux® strong cleaner + sponge

    Intensive cleaner for all leather types*

    The Keralux® intensive cleaner is a powerful cleaner that is suitable for almost all types of leather*. This cleaner is ideal for removing older, in water-soluble…

    € 15,00
  • -5%

    LCK® cleaning glove set
    LCK® cleaning glove set

    The complete maintenance set for quick “in-between” cleaning!

    The LCK® cleaning glove set contains a bottle of LCK® cleaning water and two LCK® cleaning gloves. The glove has been specially developed to safely clean…

    € 21,00 € 20,00
  • -11%

    LCK® cleaning glove (separate)
    LCK® cleaning glove (separate)

    For the safe dusting of all types of furniture upholstery

    The glove has been specially developed to safely clean leather, artificial leather, microfibre and fabric upholstery. You can use the glove both dry and wet. Use…

    € 9,00 € 8,00
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