On this page you will find the recommended maintenance products
per Piet Boon fabric type. All maintenance products have been extensively
tested and are suitable for keeping your Piet Boon leather furniture in top
condition. Do you have any subsequent questions? Please contact us.
Check the contact page for more information.

  • Puratex® complete care set
    Puratex® complete care set

    Everything at hand in one handy set!

    The Puratex® complete care set is specially developed for preventive impregnation and regular maintenance. With this set you can also respond adequately to the most common stains and…

    € 37,50
  • Puratex® strong protector
    Puratex® strong protector

    For impregnating heavily used upholstery fabrics.

    The Puratex® strong protector is the 'big brother' of the Puratex® protection spray. The Puratex® strong protector is stronger than regular impregnating products and therefore…

    € 55,00
  • Puratex® strong cleaner set
    Puratex® strong cleaner set

    For cleaning large surfaces of upholstery fabrics.

    The Puratex® strong cleaner has been specially developed for the removal of everyday and even older stains from textile upholstery. This cleaner is offered in 3 variants:


    € 26,50
  • Puratex® microfiber cleaning set
    Puratex® microfiber cleaning set

    Special cleaner for all micro fiber fabrics.

    The Puratex® microfibre cleaner has been specially developed for the cleaning of fabrics such as Alcantara®, Dinamica®, Longlife®, lamous® etc. This cleaner is used by various…

    € 31,00
  • Puratex® synthetic cleaner set
    Puratex® synthetic cleaner set

    For thorough cleaning of synthetic fabrics.

    The Puratex® synthetic cleaner has been specially developed for the thorough cleaning of synthetic materials such as polyamide, polyester, polyacrylic etc.

    This special cleaner is…

    € 37,00
  • Puratex® degreaser
    Puratex® degreaser

    Removes retracted grease stains from almost all types of fabric.

    Skin fat can leave stains on arm- and headrests. The Puratex® degreaser spray starts as a spray and forms a powder after drying that will absorb the grease stain.…

    € 21,00
  • Puratex® velvet brush
    Puratex® velvet brush

    For brushing and cleaning velvet fabrics.

    Velvet fabrics (velours) are incredibly hip. The beautiful play of colours and comfort of these rich fabrics enchants consumers throughout Europe. Unfortunately, these substances are also…

    € 24,00
  • LCK® cleaning glove set
    LCK® cleaning glove set

    The complete maintenance set for quick “in-between” cleaning!

    The LCK® cleaning glove set contains a bottle of LCK® cleaning water and two LCK® cleaning gloves. The glove has been specially developed to safely clean…

    € 20,00
  • LCK® cleaning glove (separate)
    LCK® cleaning glove (separate)

    For the safe dusting of all types of furniture upholstery

    The glove has been specially developed to safely clean leather, artificial leather, microfibre and fabric upholstery. You can use the glove both dry and wet. Use…

    € 9,50
  • Puratex® protection spray
    Puratex® protection spray

    For protecting furniture fabrics.

    The Puratex® protections spray for textile is easy to apply, without propellants, in a handy pump atomizer. Before the impregnation can be applied, it is important to make the furniture fabric…

    € 17,00
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